Warm Up with Laser Tag Specials

Stay fit this winter, have fun, and practice your strategic thinking!

Landing Zone (403 Granite Run Drive) has an incredible winter special going on for anyone 8 years and older. You can get three (3) hours of gaming for just $24, plus tax.

“We are energized by our imagination and charged with the task of elevating the quality of entertainment for our guests.” Landing Zone is committed to a clean and fun environment for all to enjoy. This winter is predicted to be a cold one, and you’ll need some warming up.

So get up, get out, vest up, and run! You and your loved ones are sure to have an excellent time.



And, don’t forget the Arsenal Grill located within Landing Zone. Those hungry bellies after laser tag can be filled with delicious food and rehydrated with a refreshing, refillable beverage.

So, if you haven’t blasted your family with laser tag guns and flashing vests in a while, now is the perfect time to dive into Landing Zone’s winter special.

Landing Zone
403 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA, 17601
(717) 826-9023


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