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Sue Severino, based in Harrisburg, PA—founded Severino Health Advisors over four years ago with one goal in mind—to help ensure that her clients received the best healthcare possible. Sue spent most of her career in healthcare as a physician’s assistant. It was during that time she realized the complexities patients faced while seeking out healthcare options. Sue also experienced similar difficulties in her personal life when both of her parents became ill. This was the point where she decided to transition into the world of health advocacy.

Sue defines her role as a health advocate as “one who helps clients struggling with either new or chronic conditions navigate the healthcare system.” She also offers guidance on how to deal with medical bills along with aging care decision making. Severino Health Advisors are here to make life easier for caregivers on their healthcare journey.

To learn more about how Severino Health Advisors may be of assistance to you and your loved ones visit

Our friends at Refreshing Mountain have 2 huge announcement for this Spring 2018!

New Elevated Obstacle Course at Refreshing Mountain

They will be adding yet another 22 elevated obstacle elements to their incredible adventure options called the Elevated Obstacle Course! This course is designed specifically for families and individuals alike, and will combine elements of fun and challenge, testing one’s physical and mental strengths!Individuals and families can begin booking at Refreshing Mountain in mid-March! BROWNIE POINTS: gift certificates which were purchased around the holidays can be used for this course!

Partnership with Shadey’s Rugged Run

Additionally, Refreshing Mountain is partnering with Shadey’s Rugged Run as a training facility for the run, which will be held at Lancaster Bible College on May 5, 2018. BROWNIE POINTS: Register for the Shadey’s Rugged Run now and get additional discounts on the Elevated Obstacle Course!


According to a National Geographic article, “our human footprint doesn’t end after we buy and consume things; the final product impact occurs when we discard items and we Americans discard four-fifths of a ton of trash per person, per year.”

Wow. Take a sec and read that again.

Let Spring of 2018 be your year of renewal. Let it be the year you commit to wasting less and conserving more. How, you ask? There are quite a few ways, actually.


Buy non-packaged produce

Make a commitment to stop buying bags of salad, or pre-sliced mushrooms packaged in tons of plastic. Central Market is open three days a week as well as various other farmer’s markets in the region. If you work downtown, plan on spending your lunch break once a week at Central Market to pick through fresh, locally grown produce. Bring a backpack or a tote bag to put everything in. When buying eggs, bring in your used egg container. Purchase your weekly milk from Maplehofe Dairy in their reusable glass containers. Buy the beeswax wraps from Lemon Street Market (or make your own) for cheeses from various vendors.

Opt for glass containers

You can thrift tons of glass storage containers with glass, metal, or wood lids for your fridge and pantry rather than plastic. If you want to go for something fancier and support a local business, visit Mise en Place. This commitment also includes opting for, as an example, the glass bottle of olive oil rather than the plastic option.


Get a damn bike

What are you waiting for? Stop whining about walking everywhere and bike instead. The Common Wheel is a great place to start. If you are in an area with access to buses, subways or trains, transition to public transportation more often.


Eat fewer animal products

The reality is, consuming meat and other animal products drastically affect the environment in a negative way. Consuming fewer animal products can single-handedly be the best thing you can do for the environment. Try “Meatless Mondays” or cutting dairy here and there.


Buy recyclable products

 Try purchasing recyclable toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and other products. Look for products that are sustainable, compostable or are made from recycled materials.


Obviously, recycle.

If you can recycle or even compost, that would be dope. The environment thanks you kindly.

We are just touching the surface of ways you can transition to a sustainable lifestyle as there are so many ways you can make an impact. We are aware that not everyone has the resources or income to be able to buy these products but if you can make baby steps, that’s fantastic. The reality is, the environment needs some for real TLC and we need to step up and take care of it. Imagine a world without a rainforest, polar bears, lightning bugs, flowers, fish. It’s comforting knowing that there is a vast, beautiful world out there for us to explore but one day, that might not be the case. All it takes is the promise to yourself to try harder.


We know some of you really are not fans of Valentine’s Day—and that’s A-OKAY! For those of you who are all, “Nah,” about the one holiday dedicated to mushy gross love, here are some interesting things you can do to make your Anti V-Day the absolute best.

Go snowboarding—alone. Because you’re an independent person, that’s why. Check out Blue Mountain Ski Resort and hit the slopes for the day.

Photo by: Alesia Kazantceva 

Gather some friends and play What Do You Meme whilst drinking some MF’ing Prosecco to celebrate how Anti V-Day you all are ~bubbles~ and all.

Photo by:

Watch Atomic Blonde to remind yourself that you’re a strong and independent woman—but seriously, this movie is sick and if you haven’t seen it, watch it.

Photo by:

Go to an Anti-V Day party, I’m sure there will be some around the area.

Photo by:

If you can’t find a party to hit with your crew, throw your own! Here’s an article by Buzzfeed with some Anti Valentine’s Day essentials.

Photo by:

Release some tension by hitting a hot yoga class at: Evolution, Evolution Power Yoga – Harrisburg,or Bikram Yoga York. (Hours vary.)

Photo by: Emily Sea

Hit the slots at Harrah’s in Philadelphia.

Photo by:

Grab some peeps and take a trip literally anywhere else, because it’s cold AF.

Photo by:

Go see Black Panther on February 16th! (Let’s all agree that this might be one of the most anticipated movies of 2018.)

Photo by:

Hit a brewery tour while wearing THIS shirt.

Photo by:



February 14th is YOUR day—don’t expect anything less. Cheers, ya filthy animals.

Over several years, Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center  has built up their adventure center to include a giant swing, climbing tower, nine (9) obstacle high ropes course, and three (3) unique zipline courses. This year, this amazing activity center has added yet another 22 elevated obstacle elements under what they call the Elevated Obstacle Course.

In preparation, Refreshing Mountain wants to give you a sneak peak! Coming this Spring of 2018, the Elevated Obstacle Course has been designed specifically for families and individuals alike. Combining elements of fun and challenge, these obstacles will test one’s physical and mental strength.

Refreshing Mountain is also happy to announce that gift certificates bought at Christmas can be used for this course.

Additionally, Refreshing Mountain is the presenting sponsor for Shadey’s Rugged Run held on May 5 of 2018. In doing so, Refreshing Mountain is giving participants the opportunity to train in the Spring 2018 at a discounted cost on these elements prior to Shadey’s Rugged Run.

+ Element stats:

  • 22 challenging high rope elements designed in 2 separate levels of 11 elements each. Ranging in difficulty these two levels will accommodate persons up to 250 lbs. Depending on age participants can do one level or both levels. The course is designed for families and individuals alike.
  • Brave 11 (Level 1) difficulty ranges from Easy to Intermediate
    • Ages 5+ makes it a great course for families
    • Elements arranged in circular pattern
    • 11 elements ranging from 3-13 feet above ground
      • Suspended Fries
      • Rope Bridge
      • Hoops/Uneven Circles
      • Tibetan Bridge
      • Snake
      • Climbing Wall
      • Brave Crossing
      • Wooden Bridge (Banana Shape)
      • The Wave
      • Walking Net
      • The Barrel
  • Courageous 11 (Level 2) difficulty ranges from Intermediate to Challenging
    • Ages 8+ makes it a great course for families
    • Elements arranged in circular pattern
    • 11 elements ranging from13-23 feet above ground
      • Tunnel Net
      • Slackline
      • Short Hoops
      • Flying Carpet
      • X-Cross Bridge
      • Hanging Platforms
      • Hanging I’s
      • Vertical Logs
      • Monkey Bridge
      • Courageous Crossing
      • Fisherman Rope
  • Epic 22 (Both Levels) difficulty ranges from Easy to Challenging
    • Ages 8+
    • Elements arranged in circular pattern
    • 22 elements ranging from 3-23 feet above ground


Find out more information about the Elevated Obstacle Course here:



VS Nail Bar is by far our favorite place to get a manicure, pedicure, or full set of acrylics. TTDLanc writer recently got a full set of almond shaped acrylic nails and was so pleased with her experience. “I haven’t gotten my nails done for almost ten years, so I was very nervous. Owner Stephanie greeted me warmly and offered me a glass of wine while she pampered me,” Emily says of her experience.
Emily’s nails right after getting done. Stephanie created a natural look with a little pizazz on the ring finger of each hand.

Come in and celebrate VS’s 1st birthday! Until April 13, VS is offering $20 specials for gel manicure or regular pedicure. “We’ve had one fabulous year, so make an appointment!” owner Stephanie says. They are having a drawing for a free gift from Mary Kay and are also doing a giveaway for a free spa pedi. The $20 special is valid through April 13th. Appointments are preferred. Designs not included in price.

VS Nail Bar
330 West Main Street
Landsville, PA 17538

Call for more information at (717) 537-2110.

“Each of us is born as infinitely creative beings.
We are taught that as we age our brains are less flexible and unable to access new parts of itself.
But this is not true!
The nature of our brains and of our consciousness is that of elasticity.”

Still searching for the perfect gift for your little one this holiday season? Give them the gift of music with interactive storybooks from Musical Tales for Modern Minds. Each storybook includes original characters and music, based on the musical characteristics of different regions around the world.

The Musical Tales for Modern Minds storybook series encourages music discovery and exploration in children, classroom teachers, music teachers, and parents. Your four- to seven-year-old will love learning about musical elements like rhythm and melody!

The first book in our series focuses on Haja, a young bird on a journey to face her biggest fear. The story of Haja brings West Africa’s vibrant colors and sounds to life through interactive, musical elements. Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly teaches your little one the musical element of rhythm, as well as the strong message of perseverance and strength in a fun, interactive way.

The second book in our series follows Siku, a young alpaca living in the mountains of Peru. Siku learns to express herself by singing and humming the songs in her heart, even if she has to break a few rules. Discover the musical element of melody while teaching children the value of self expression with Siku’s Song.

No matter who is on your holiday shopping list, the Musical Tales for Modern Minds storybook series is the perfect gift! For the teachers in your life, check out our series of teaching guides.

You can find both Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly and Siku’s Song online at and

About Julia, Music Mommy:

Julia Jordan Kamanda is a mother, wife, music-maker, writer, dreamer, truth seeker, world traveler, change agent… “Actually,” she says, “I’m a creative work-at-home mom with two very expressive and energetic kids, a toddler and an infant. I write and record original music, do studio vocal and guitar work, freelance music supervision projects for films, and teach community music lessons and classes. Plus, my husband and I developed the Creative Arts Initiative in Sierra Leone, West Africa which encourages self-empowerment and expression in teenage girls through creative writing and the arts.”
Check out her website:


Maybe you think about them everyday, and maybe you don’t. But did you know that they’re actually your most important facial feature? Yes! Eyebrows are even more noticeable than your eyes. According to a recent study held by University of Lethbridge in Canada, it’s those beautiful brows of yours that make your face recognizable to others.

Now, a lot of us don’t know how the heck to make our eyebrows look like Cara Delevingne, but there is one local lady who can help.

Her name is Brittany Leitzel—owner of The Pink Lady Salon and Pink Lady Permanent, a personalized services specializing in shaping your brows through microblading. Microblading is defined as a semi-permanent method to get those brows looking “on point.” Brittany can help you!

Pink Lady Permanent

Permanent Cosmetics in Lancaster, PA. Certified in Microblading and SofTap.
Brittany Leitzel: (717) 917-4711
Instagram: @pinkladypermanent