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It’s been a little while since you’ve blasted your coworkers with laser tag guns and flashing vests, hasn’t it? Landing Zone (403 Granite Run Drive) is the perfect place to come together for the holidays.

Now booking holiday parties December 23 through January 2, you can make your next company event a memorable adventure of fun-filled games and awesome food.

Landing Zone’s holiday party package, for a minimum of 8 people, includes a three-hour unlimited play gaming block for you and your employees, as well as 50 minutes in their modern, private party room—where you can enjoy two 16” pizzas and one fountain drink per person with unlimited refills. There’s even an event coordinator who will prep, serve, and clean the space for you!

Visit their website to reserve your party now–December 23 through January 2.



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Landing Zone

403 Granite Run Drive, Lancaster, PA, 17601
(717) 826-9023


There is a stack of books, over a foot high, towering on my bedside table. The books are ones that have been recommended to me by friends or bookshop owners, or that jumped out at me (and into my shopping cart) while I was passing by my favorite book sellers. I look at the stack longingly each weeknight as I fall into my bed without the fortitude to actually pick one up until the weekend comes. They are sitting there, full of stories to experience and they lay in wait until I have the luxury of time to pick the next one up and devour it the way we book-lovers do.

As adults, many of us know that a book is a vehicle of wonder that carries us to new and exciting places, opens our eyes to cultures we haven’t experienced and joys or sorrows through the eyes of another. They awaken us, stretch us, and help us to see ourselves and our world differently, or they help us imagine worlds that scarcely exist. A book can be an agent of change, a window to another dimension, a comforting companion and so much more. Those of us who know this, feel compelled to share it with our loved ones, because of the gift that reading is to us.

As a mother and an educator, it is my delight and challenge to help children discover the joy of becoming lifelong readers, to help them grow in fluency and comprehension, and most importantly to help them unlock the secret joys of literacy.  One of the “tricks of the trade” is to help children connect reading with positive experiences of joy, closeness, silliness, fun. It’s important to treat reading as the privilege and luxury that it is rather than as a chore or something to cross of our to-do list. The easiest way to do this is to grab a cozy spot and simply curl up together and crack a book open and enjoy it together. However, some stories inspire us to do something more with it- to extend the reading experience and turn it into an even more memorable connection. This “For The Love Of Reading” series will highlight books that inspired such experiences in our home, and I hope you’ll share some of your favorite books and book-inspired experiences with us as well!


Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast is one of those stories that just begs to be brought to life. When I first brought the book home from one of our favorite local book stores: Aaron’s Books in Lititz. I kept it hidden away until the right occasion. When the time was right, I announced to the family that we were having breakfast for dinner (always a welcome flip-flop). As we sat around our breakfast feast, we passed the book around so every member of the family took a turn reading a page between bites of pancakes, waffles, and bacon, and passing it around until the story was complete. We giggled and gasped our way through the story and our breakfast and now this book has earned prime real estate on the bedtime story bookshelf for years to come. How about gifting this book to a family with a gift card to your favorite local brunch spot or your family’s favorite breakfast recipe or a bottle of local maple syrup? Author, Josh Funk did a marvelous job of bringing fun and whimsy to the breakfast bunch that kids of all ages are sure to find delicious.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of work and family life, I came away from this story with a delectable, metaphorical reminder as well: That although the big picture of my world is warm and gooey and delicious, sometimes the waffle of my life needs to be savored one tiny sweetness filled square at a time. The square I’m in when I’m reading with my children deserves all of my focus and attention for them and for me too, with or without the bells and whistles. Happy Reading Friends!



This weather has been perfect for hiking the trails around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This weekend we stopped by Landis Woods Park  in Manheim Township for a nice stroll thought the woods. The easy to walk trails, brisk air and colorful leaves made for a perfect family day out. This is a nice little park perfect for young kids and dog walking. Share your favorite trails in Lancaster county and we’ll be sure to share them!




IMG_4378Have you been wondering about the art scattered around Lancaster? Are you interested in learning about some of it in a little more details? If so, consider the option of a guided public art tour, which can be arranged by contacting the office of public art. I recently accompanied public art manager, Tracy Beyl and a group of seniors from Garden Spot Village as they took a bus trip through the city to see some of the city’s murals and sculptures, many of which were commissioned and installed on city property through the efforts of the public art office, with input from residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the installations.

In the course of the tour, Tracy shares information about artists and artwork, as well as about the process behind bringing public art to the city. Things I learned included the fact that the number of spokes on the gears in Changing Gears — located in Crystal Park — reference the number of original American colonies and Pennsylvania’s place in them, and that the arches in Dancing Arches — located in Rodney Park — were shaped and positioned to echo the shape of a Conestoga Wagon, which was often used by settlers heading west, and originated in Lancaster County. Many of the works highlighted on the tour were located in small neighborhood parks, and theIMG_4373 (1) combination of public art and public parks is entirely intentional; as the city renovates neighborhood parks in need of attention, a work of public art is commissioned as part of the new overall design.

Over the course of the tour, which lasted just under hour, since the group opted not to leave to bus and not to have lunch at Lancaster Brewing Company, which has a cistern-turned-public-art-project on the outside of its building, several people, including the bus driver, commented that they were seeing parts of the city they had never seen before, which, according to Tracy, is not unusual.

Ruby Mundok is back again with another TTDL Teens feature! In part two of her series, Ruby shares some of here favorite fall treats from Ida’s Cafe, Son’s Ice Cream and Miss Calee’s Eats n’ Treats. If you are a pumpkin lover, be sure to check out Ruby’s special local finds! From pumpkin pancakes to pumpkin milkshakes, Ruby offers an insightful rundown of her favorite seasonal treats and where to get them!

In addition to being a Things To Do Lancaster PA contributor, Ruby is a YouTuber and videographer from Lancaster, PA. She is a student at Hempfield High School, and enjoys Spanish class, the smell of candles after you blow them out, and spending time with her dog Rufus.

By the time summer turns the corner into fall each year, I’m ready for it! I’m ready for chunky sweaters, tall boots, football games, backyard bonfires, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING and one of our family favorite fall traditions: apple picking day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.03.34 AMWhen my daughter was 4, she wrote a song called “It’s Apple Picking Day” that has become a fall anthem in our house, sung at random until apple picking day comes around again. The day arrives and we break out our boots and flannel and pile into the car, often with other friends and family in tow, we head to Cherry Hill Orchard to gather the first fruits of fall. Excitement builds as we pull up to the orchard. We roll down the windows and let the warm sunshine, crisp air and tart apple scent reassure us that autumn is indeed here, and it’s apple picking day! We greet our instant friends and apple experts at the orchard gate who give us bags for the picking and direct us further into the orchard to park. When we get out of the car, there are rows of apple trees stretching out all around us and we check the directory to guide us toward the tress that hold some of our favorite varieties. Then we are off! The kids run up and down the rows looking for the perfect pick, our crate fills up with spheres of red and yellow and green until it takes two of us to carry it. There is fruit low enough for the littlest ones to pick from, but every year there are a few perfect apples, just out of reach and glistening in the autumn sun that beg us to climb, and reach and stand on shoulders until we can twist it free and take it home! When our crates and hearts are full, we pile back into the car breathless and giggly and head to the weigh station to check it out, all the while listing all of the things we’re going to make with our apples this year: dumplings, crumbles, apple cider, apple sauce. Sometimes we invite our friends and neighbors over for a great apple feast, other years we just stock up on raw honey, caramel and peanut butter from the orchard store for dipping and munching our apples around the fire. No matter what we do with them, we all agree that somehow they taste better and go faster because we picked them ourselves.

It’s apple picking day, time to welcome fall with open arms, breathe in the sweet and sour notes of a changing season, reach for the one you want, and keep stretching until it’s within your grasp. It’s time to slow down and notice the way the air and trees are changing and take a look at how the people you’re picking with are growing and changing too. As we walked back to the car humming the apple picking song, a much taller and more eloquent girl than the one I started this tradition with, slipped her slightly sticky hand in mine and sighed, “I love that we do this. I love apple picking day.”

Where do YOU go in Lancaster to welcome fall? Need some ideas on what to do with your apple harvest? Check out this Pinterest for some of our favorite apple ideas!


So the entire team here at TTDLanc all agree that Fall is, by far, our favorite season. and while we love the weather, we especially  love the clothes. Finally, we can start pulling out those scarves, fun boots and layers!

Not only does Fall mean changing leaves and crisp mornings, it’s also a good time to take a look at that closet, clean it out and go shopping! Many of us are on budgets and while the latest clothing trends at the local designer clothing store are wonderful (we do suggest buying a few key pieces from these stores), consignment allows us to walk away happy with several bags of stylish, gently-used items for a lot less. Since consignment is so hot here in Lancaster County, we decided to reach out to several local stores for our oh-so-fun Fall In Love with Fall photo shoot.

We asked a few consignment stores to provide us with several outfits which we’d use in our photo shoot (aren’t those kids adorable) and also give a tip or two on shopping consignment for the Fall. Store owners greeted the idea with such willingness and were very helpful during the selection process. You can tell these ladies know their stuff. We asked for Fall clothes and they delivered. While this photo shoot did focus mostly on children’s clothing, we did find classic women’s outfits (and even bought a few of them for ourselves!)

Needless to say, we had a blast with this assignment. The kids hammed it up for the camera, we learned a lot about Fall consignment shopping and our closets are now ready for the cooler weather.

Fall in love with Fall Fashion with us and be sure to visit some of the wonderful stores we had the pleasure of working with. Also, feel free to share your favorite Fall shopping tips!

We know this list is not complete and we have many other wonderful consignments stores in the area, so please let us know your favorite and we’re happy to tell our TTDLanc family about them.










Twice Found Consignment
309 N. Queen St,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 208-7624

Twice Found is an upscale consignment shop located on the 300 block of North Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, PA. We carry women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. We see our role as curator more than merchant — selecting only the highest quality gently loved items (or even those still carrying original tags!) for our shop. For our customers, we wish an experience akin to discovering buried treasure as they uncover fabulous fashion finds at unbelievable prices.


  • Layer! Layering is always a must for Fall Ie. cardigans,chambrays,button downs,cami’s
  • Learn all the ways you can tie a scarf (you’d be surprised how many there are!)
  • Color! Don’t be afraid of color just because it’s Fall for some reason everyone believes you have to wear browns,blacks and dark colors period. Live a little!

Fashion Cents Consignment
255 N. Decatur St,
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-8470

Fashion Cents Consignment is a consignment shop located just outside the town of Strasburg, PA. We sell women’s, baby’s, kid’s and maternity clothing as well as baby equipment, women’s shoes, purses and jewelry. Prices are very reasonable and clothes are very fashionable. Check us out on our Facebook for more updates of new items coming in!


  • Super stylish brand name clothes at “cents”ible prices. 
  • Why buy new when you can buy used at quarter of the price!

Miracles Consignment
3043 Columbia Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-4828

Miracles Consignment Shop is a family-owned store that specializes in new and gently used clothing, shoes, toys, baby equipment, books and more for a fraction of the cost of retail. Miracles offers clothing in sizes newborn through juniors, as well as maternity. Shop your favorite brands without breaking the bank! New consignors are always welcome!


  • Fashion forward parents love dressing their kids like mini versions of themselves, but with a sweet twist! You will find fashions similar to those you love, but in much smaller sizes (with a side of cute!) Brands that we love for “mini me” clothes include H&M, GapKids, and Old Navy.
  • Boys can’t get enough of the athletic look. Brands like Nike and Under Armour continue to be favorites. We have also been seeing a lot of plaid; perhaps some 90’s grunge returning?
  • For the girls, leggins continue to be a favorite! We are also loving bold graphic tees!

Plato’s Closet
1567 Manheim Pike,
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 617-2387

Plato’s Closet is an upscale consignment store for teens and twenty-something’s. They strive on buying current and popular trends for their target market of ages 14-24. Unlike typical consignment, all of the merchandise sold at Plato’s Closet is priced at 50-70% off original retail prices and they provide those who sell to them 30% of that in the form of cash, right on the spot! There inventory is constantly changing so no shopping experience is the same. Selling to them is easy and fun! They accept all seasons all the time. No appointment is necessary and there is no limit on the amount of items that can be brought in to sell at any given time. A certified buyer will go through the items and evaluate them based on style, condition, demand and brand and will eliminate any items that don’t fit the criteria needed for the store. Lastly, an offer will be presented and it can either be accepted or declined based on how comfortable the seller is with it.  Plato’s Closet Lancaster is open to buy and sell 7 days a week! Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 10:00am until 9:00pm and Sunday from 11am until 6pm.


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles from the past, especially since the 70s and 90s are making a huge comeback this fall season! There are several trends from those decades that might make some fashionistas uncertain of reliving but it’s always a great idea to incorporate modern with vintage when wanting to (comfortably) experiment with the past.
  • This may have been repeated one to many times but it can not be stressed enough the importance of layering during the colder months. Dress up a simple sweater with a chunky infinity scarf and put on frilly boot socks to add a fashionable touch to what could have been a basic outfit.
  • Certain summer styles can be recycled for the fall season. Rompers are a Spring/Summer fashion staple, but they can transition nicely into the colder months by simply adding tights and a cardigan.

Ooh La La Consignment
3014 Columbia Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17601

Founded in 2010, Ooh La La Consignment is owned and operated by mother and daughter team Helen and Trudy. The building itself was built in Victorian-style in 1904 and it still emanates that theme today with Chandeliers throughout. With 2 floors to shop on, the boutique is truly an escape from the standard shopping scenario whether it is consignment or regular retail.

Helen and Trudy have a sincere love for high end fashions and for providing their customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. That includes individualized service for each and every customer. They will take the time to consult with you about what you are looking for and advise you on what might work best for your situation.

Helen and Trudy invite you to stop in, relax and unwind – and shop for designer fashions of all kinds. You’ll be treated like family!

Deja Vu Consignment
1521 Lititz Pike,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 291-4481

2106 Spring Valley Road,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 299-3352

Between our two different Déjà Vu locations, we offer today’s hottest fashion styles for men and women as well as small home decor at reasonable prices.  We understand the value of offering our customers the best for LESS to help them look and feel great.

In addition we carry the ever so popular fragrances TokyoMilk & Lollia by Margot Elena.

We are also excited to introduce the Waxing Poetic Jewelry Line at our Lititz Pike location.  Waxing Poetic celebrates the potential for transformation in all of us. Waxing Poetic pays homage to the journey of our lives: where we come from, what our stories are, and how they have influenced both the world and us.  We took on this new line because it’s an extension of who we are at Deja Vu… Our small staff at each location ensures that you will be treated with the utmost respect and care every time you walk through our doors and we always offer a personalized service. We pride ourselves in having a personal relationships with  many of our customers to help them in the ever changing fashion journey!  That’s what we’d like to say sets us apart!


  • If you love it, buy it! Chances are, there’s only one. I’ve had people come in, fall in love with something and walk away,  They’ll come back, sometimes on the same day, but it’ll be gone.  If you’re on the fence because you found a piece that’s almost perfect, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor for alterations. It’s an easy way to turn a good find into a great one!
  • Layered Jewelry: Don’t hesitate to pile on the heavy metals. The more, the merrier.  Waxing Poetic has a multitude of bracelets and charms for every style.
  • Must Have for every woman’s closet is a good denim jacket. The main thing to look for when trying on denim jackets is fit. Make sure the style isn’t too boxy on your body. The lines of the jacket that run along your ribs down to your waist should cut in a bit, but not so much that it wears like a second skin. Denim is great over anything from a tank to a maxi dress.  It’s all about comfort, fun and style.

I’m a sucker for silent auctions, especially when you know the funds are going to a good cause. At one local fundraiser this past Spring, I set my eyes on items that focused on experience. I was excited to see an array of interesting activities and couldn’t wait to get bidding. After a lot of table stalking (oh, you know you’ve done it), I was lucky enough to snag four Phillies tickets, four Sight and Sound tickets and the one item I really wanted: Polo Lancaster tickets! That’s right, I was heading to a polo match this Summer, and I couldn’t wait. You see, I’ve never been to a polo match before and looked forward to learning more about the game and checking out the local Lancaster Polo scene, now in its 74th year.


When you’re lucky to get a private spot around the field you take full advantage. It works like tailgating. You pull up your car to your spot, back in, open the trunk and set up your space. You can tell the pros with tables, coolers, tents and chairs all lined up and ready for the game. Only a small wooden frame outlines the field and they do suggest setting up your area a few feet back so when the horses step over the lip they don’t step on you. This was very helpful, because they do step over which is exciting and scary all at once.

The horses are beautiful and the 15 minute chukkers or periods are full of action. I was hooked and so was my family. Between the chukkers you and the family can stomp down the divots which is the tradition.

The people were very friendly and the announcer was a hoot. Georgie even got to change the scoreboard which only enhanced the experience.


After the match was over (we lost to Delaware), the players rode their horses around the field so we could all high five them.
If you get a chance to check out a match, go! It’s fun for the whole family and the game is a sight to see. Just another great thing to do in Lancaster County.

2015-07-12 17.13.27TTDLancPoloPa

Upcoming Cups & Match Schedule:

September 20
Reading Symphony Orchestra cup   LPC vs WTR

September 27
Chilli Cookoff:  LPC vs Delaware

October 4
Triangle Therapy Riding benefit match  LPC vs Rabbit Hill

Oct. 11
George Pucak Memorial/Patron Appreciation Day & WTR benefit

Saturday Oct. 17
“work day” 9am – 1 pm to close the field

Connect with Lancaster Polo Online:



Lancaster Polo Club Forney Field 70 Church Rd Rothsville, PA 17543

Strasburg PA is know for many wonderful Lancaster treasures. Take a ride on a steam train at the Strasburg Railroad and afterwards stop by the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, visit one of the many antique shops and even stay in a railroad motel called The Red Caboose. Don’t forget to pick up an ice cream at the creamery in the square and so much more. Now the quaint town of Strasburg can add a funky, modern cafe to the list of wonderful shops, stops and attractions. Introducing The Speckled Hen Coffee & Kitchen, this bright and airy cafe not only serves great coffee by local roaster Passenger coffee but their food is fresh, healthy and filling!

The facade of the building doesn’t do the interior justice but it adds to the charm. Once inside your eyes are drawn to the crisp white and gray walls adorned with über chic rooster branding and, lucky for us parents, the kids are drawn to the spacious play area. Yes, mom and dads, you can sip your coffee in peace while the kids play with toys and trains, of course.


The staff was friendly, service was fast and I have to say, it’s a nice addition to the Strasburg food scene. I look forward to our next visit and their green smoothie (a must for smoothie lovers)!

Have you been to the Speckled Hen yet? Tell us what you thought of the cafe, food and the space.


141 E. Main St.
Strasburg, PA 17579

Mon-Sat 7am-9pm
Breakfast Served | 7am – 1pm
Lunch & Dinner Served | 11am-8pm

Fall is upon us, which means a whole lot of pumpkin-less pumpkin spice favoring, brisk weather & of course, football. Lancaster County has 15 school districts with football teams so consider your Friday evenings booked. There’s nothing like bundling up in a blanket with some hot chocolate and cheering on talented high schoolers giving their all!

Check out the schedules