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Did you know that Lancaster is home to the residence and final resting place of the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan?

Wheatland, the home of Buchanan from the time he left office in 1861 until his death in 1868, is a preserved marvel of architecture located just outside of Lancaster City. This beautiful home, built in the popular federal style, contains 17 rooms that have changed very little since the time of President Buchanan.

General Admission tours are open to the public and offered Monday – Saturday at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. To learn more about this wonderful vestige of American history, visit

Not far from Wheatland is the final resting place of President Buchanan. The gravesite, located in beautifully restored Woodward Hill Cemetery (538 East Strawberry Street, Lancaster City), is accessible to the public and may be visited from dawn til dusk everyday. The gravesite is immaculately cared for and is the location of a yearly ceremony to celebrate the birthday of President Buchanan.

If you are looking to visit a preserved piece of American history, while also honoring one of our nation’s leaders, take a day and tour historic Wheatland and the President’s gravesite. Just two of many examples of the rich history located right here in Central Pennsylvania!


Have you always wanted to live in simple elegance and luxury?

The Keppel Building is finishing up their big project, which we’ve sure you’ve had your eyes on while embarking through one of the most popular blocks in Lancaster City: the 300 block of North Queen. Centered at the heart of Lancaster’s vibrant and urban core, you will experience historical charm meeting modern comfort—where they collide to create a fresh and sophisticated living experience.

Each one- and two-bedroom apartment features modern architecture, stylish interiors, and high-quality amenities. Prices range from $865 to $2375 per month, offering unmatched comfort and convenience. They even have two commercial spaces still available! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

This is a project between Hometown Property Management, PPM Real Estate, and Zamagias Properties.

Drumroll please! Things To Do Lancaster PA and Inglenook Creative are proud to announce the winner of the #TTDLancMantelContest. Thank you to all our wonderful participants — it was difficult to choose just one seasonally inspired mantel!

Without further ado, the winner of our fall mantel contest is… Linda Wolfer Williard!

unnamed 2“We love the stone fireplace and vintage looking map of our very our Lancaster County,” said Inglenook Creative. “We love how the colors of the mantel are pulled from the map using rich colors of call. The oranges, ambers and browns are complimented by shades of teal and turquoise — opposite colors on the color wheel. We love the organize shapes of the pine cones and balls which balance the rectangular shapes of the stone. And the lights… the lights are just super fun and add such a nice warm glow! Nice job!”

Congratulations, Linda! To claim your FREE Design Lab Session at Inglenook, please contact Inglenook Creative at

Styling your home for the season can be tricky this time of year. Many of us are anxious to transition to Fall decor for our home but we’re not ready for halloween pumpkins and the traditional Fall look. To help guide us with our seasonal mantel decor this time of year we looked to Holly Heitmann of Inglenook Design Lab. Inglenook Creative is a coworking space for businesses in the Home & Garden industry and Holly, who owns Holly Heitmann Home Design, and Day Waters of Inglenook, were happy to give us some mantel tips. See what these talented ladies developed for us below.

Mantel Contest | We want to see YOUR Fall Mantels. Post your pictures to our Facebook page and use hashtag #TTDLancMantelContest. On October 22th, Holly and Day will pick their favorite Season Mantel. The lucky winner will receive a free Inglenook Design Lab Session. So let’s see those mantels!

Style Your Mantel Tips

Fireplaces are coveted focal points in a home and the styling the mantel is a great opportunity to express your creativity.  If you find it daunting, here are a few guidelines to help.

Mantel No. 1 | Pumpkin Mantel

It is fun to change up your mantel.  Allow a holiday theme to inspire new ideas. Be sure to have an anchor (the central art), weight (the candle sticks provide a frame) and the filler (all the fun stuff in the middle). The more variety the better. Use a contrast of size, color, shape, texture and finish.  Think about Triangles or pyramids when creating groupings


Mantel No. 2 | Coral Mantel

Our eyes love the balance found in symmetry.  To create a symmetrical look on a mantel, use a focal point at the center, such as a large beautiful piece of art. It needs to be at least ⅔ the size of the mantel. If it is too small it will look accidental.  Repeat or mirror the sides along a central line down the middle.  The look is neat and ordered and portrays a feeling of stability, formality, and refinement.  It’s hard to go wrong with a symmetrical mantel display!

MANTELNO2Mantel No. 3 | Face Mantel

An asymmetrical design, although not a mirrored image, finds its balance by using objects that carry the same visual weight on either side of an imaginary centerline.  The objects are different from each other, but still similar in mass and form.  This look feels dynamic, relaxed, and flexible.  It is layered with various items also adding depth and visual interest.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. To get balance and proportion, use odd numbers in your groupings – 3 different sizes and ideally different shapes.

Still not getting the look that is in your mind’s eye, spend the morning with professionals and like-minded enthusiasts at Inglenook Design Lab.

What’s Inglenook Design Lab? Get a little Help from a friend! Home improvement is always an investment.  For ½ the cost of a can of paint,  Design lab is a place where you can find coaching from a professional and inspiration from like-minded enthusiasts.   It is a time and place to consider YOUR preferences and tap into unlimited design resources including access to our wallpaper, fabric samples and more in a friendly, comfortable environment.  No job is too small! We know how seemingly little projects left undone can weigh you down but don’t fret we’re here to help!

Visit for details.