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Central Pennsylvania shoppers know how absolutely blessed we are to have so many wonderful vintage retail establishments to choose from! Redeux Marketplace in York, PA is no exception! A wonderful mix of merchants await customers at Redeux.

Are you on the lookout for repurposed home decor or furniture? Little Fish Place has you covered! Maybe you’re a man who is looking to breathe some new life into his wardrobe. The Midtown Dandy will provide the guidance and stylish fashion-forward items to help set you apart from the crowd. Do you find yourself wanting to decorate your home with items others may consider dark or edgy? Stop by Horror Vaccui and explore repurposed items that each carry a unique story. Are you in need of a light fixture, but cannot seem to find the one that has the right amount of funk? Upcycled Tinkerings, with their eclectic inventory of home decor and nostalgic pieces, will provide you with plenty of amazing options.

Redeux prides itself on providing a fully stocked and easily shoppable market where collectors, antique hunters, and everyday shoppers can search for that one must have item! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself online or take a visit in person at 113 South Duke Street in Downtown York. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday 10 am – 6 pm. See you at Redeux!

Have you always wanted to live in simple elegance and luxury?

The Keppel Building is finishing up their big project, which we’ve sure you’ve had your eyes on while embarking through one of the most popular blocks in Lancaster City: the 300 block of North Queen. Centered at the heart of Lancaster’s vibrant and urban core, you will experience historical charm meeting modern comfort—where they collide to create a fresh and sophisticated living experience.

Each one- and two-bedroom apartment features modern architecture, stylish interiors, and high-quality amenities. Prices range from $865 to $2375 per month, offering unmatched comfort and convenience. They even have two commercial spaces still available! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.

This is a project between Hometown Property Management, PPM Real Estate, and Zamagias Properties.

DSC_5211The Neighborhoods of Old Town Lancaster, Pennsylvania invite you to discover boundless beauty beyond the garden gate! From midcentury to modern, revel in the distinguished styling and comfort of Lancaster’s finest homes and gardens during a self-guided tour.

The tour will represent four historic areas of the city including Old Hickorytown, Old Town, Historic South Lime St., and Washington Square. During the tour, local homeowners will open their doors to visitors as they casually uncover unique architecture, vibrant home decor and garden oases.

The event will take place on Sunday, June 19, 2016 from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased day-of on the corners of E. Vine and S. Duke St. For additional information, please visit

Spruce up your holiday table setting with these festive decorating tips from Decorating Specialist and Inglenook member, Diana McCoy. Owner of Bloom Containing Gardens, Diana creates unique and vibrant holiday decor  for the home, office or special event!

As with any creative project, start with a theme and expand from there. Pinterest and magazines are great sources for ideas and inspiration. Once you have a name for your vision, you will find that you can easily make decisions that will lead to a beautiful and cohesive table setting. Look for elements indoors and out. You will be surprised by how much of what you can use will be found around your home.

Classic Family Christmas

From the garage, we retrieved the classic flyer sled to create variation in height and add a pop of color. From the linen closet, we pulled a tartan blanket to use as a table runner and grabbed a couple of house plants. Make it a family affair and send your children to gather pine cones and greens from the yard.  

Little touches make a big impression. Diana tied a sprig of rosemary and cinnamon stick both left over from holiday recipes with kitchen twine. Old family photos were added to the arrangement to spark conversation between young and old.

Silver, Gold and Cream

The holidays can be just the time to pull out much cherished wedding presents and family heirlooms that spend far too much time in the closet. I like to say holidays are the perfect time to granny it up.  The trick is to mix the old with modern items, keep it clean, and use plenty of organic material to keep it fresh and festive rather than frumpy. Dress all your surfaces with multiple layers.

Use plenty of greens in your centerpiece, which mix up the texture and provide a wonderful holiday scent. Fruit and vegetables are beautiful and can add an element of surprise.

Diana also added greenery to the chandelier and the backs of chairs. Layered with Eucalyptus nuts, they add a gorgeous hint of blue. Granny’s silver is sprinkled throughout but the crystal is kept simple.  

Bar – Doesn’t Need a Theme, Just Needs to Get the Job Done

The location of the bar will determine your party flow, so think very carefully about where to set it up. I like to choose the furthest point from the entry with easy exit room. Guests will seek it out and tend to linger in front of it. A well-stocked bar should have gin, vodka, and a good array of brown spirits—a bourbon, a blended whiskey, and a scotch. Tropical spirits are also key—a great golden rum and of course, tequila. Add a hand juicer, olives, fresh citrus, fizzy water, and you’re all set. However if you are having more than a dozen guests keep it simple with beer and wine, and a signature drink will carry the day.

Tip for the Perfect Party

Cater to all the senses. The most frequently forgotten element is the music. Craft a playlist on your iPhone or pop on a channel from Spotify that will reflect the mood of your party. Keep the volume low enough so that guests can comfortably speak without shouting.

Styling your home for the season can be tricky this time of year. Many of us are anxious to transition to Fall decor for our home but we’re not ready for halloween pumpkins and the traditional Fall look. To help guide us with our seasonal mantel decor this time of year we looked to Holly Heitmann of Inglenook Design Lab. Inglenook Creative is a coworking space for businesses in the Home & Garden industry and Holly, who owns Holly Heitmann Home Design, and Day Waters of Inglenook, were happy to give us some mantel tips. See what these talented ladies developed for us below.

Mantel Contest | We want to see YOUR Fall Mantels. Post your pictures to our Facebook page and use hashtag #TTDLancMantelContest. On October 22th, Holly and Day will pick their favorite Season Mantel. The lucky winner will receive a free Inglenook Design Lab Session. So let’s see those mantels!

Style Your Mantel Tips

Fireplaces are coveted focal points in a home and the styling the mantel is a great opportunity to express your creativity.  If you find it daunting, here are a few guidelines to help.

Mantel No. 1 | Pumpkin Mantel

It is fun to change up your mantel.  Allow a holiday theme to inspire new ideas. Be sure to have an anchor (the central art), weight (the candle sticks provide a frame) and the filler (all the fun stuff in the middle). The more variety the better. Use a contrast of size, color, shape, texture and finish.  Think about Triangles or pyramids when creating groupings


Mantel No. 2 | Coral Mantel

Our eyes love the balance found in symmetry.  To create a symmetrical look on a mantel, use a focal point at the center, such as a large beautiful piece of art. It needs to be at least ⅔ the size of the mantel. If it is too small it will look accidental.  Repeat or mirror the sides along a central line down the middle.  The look is neat and ordered and portrays a feeling of stability, formality, and refinement.  It’s hard to go wrong with a symmetrical mantel display!

MANTELNO2Mantel No. 3 | Face Mantel

An asymmetrical design, although not a mirrored image, finds its balance by using objects that carry the same visual weight on either side of an imaginary centerline.  The objects are different from each other, but still similar in mass and form.  This look feels dynamic, relaxed, and flexible.  It is layered with various items also adding depth and visual interest.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. To get balance and proportion, use odd numbers in your groupings – 3 different sizes and ideally different shapes.

Still not getting the look that is in your mind’s eye, spend the morning with professionals and like-minded enthusiasts at Inglenook Design Lab.

What’s Inglenook Design Lab? Get a little Help from a friend! Home improvement is always an investment.  For ½ the cost of a can of paint,  Design lab is a place where you can find coaching from a professional and inspiration from like-minded enthusiasts.   It is a time and place to consider YOUR preferences and tap into unlimited design resources including access to our wallpaper, fabric samples and more in a friendly, comfortable environment.  No job is too small! We know how seemingly little projects left undone can weigh you down but don’t fret we’re here to help!

Visit for details.