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When we travel through central Pennsylvania, we’re always on the lookout for eateries that the “locals” consider the best. These are the type of places that provide great food at a reasonable price, while retaining a charm that keeps regulars and new customers alike coming through the doors.


Subway Cafe (1000 Herr Street, Harrisburg) is a PERFECT example of such a place! This cafe has been serving authentic Italian food in a casual environment since 1948. Once you walk through these doors, you will feel like you’ve been transported back in time! Original wall murals, painted by an Italian bartender in the 1940s, still remain for all to see. The beauty of this decor is that it’s not a recreation, but an authentic holdover from an earlier time.


While you may be distracted by the decor, you will be blown away by the quality of the food! Subway Cafe is famous for both their thin crust pizza and their homemade lasagna. They also have basically FISHBOWLS of beer available, too. Our advice is simple—arrive early and come hungry!


Location hours are Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm, Friday 11am-10pm, and Saturday from 4pm-10pm (and closed Sunday).


For generations prior to the prohibition, the central Pennsylvania region—York, in particular—was well-known for the creation of amazing alcoholic spirits. Fully operational distilleries were once commonplace. Luckily for the residents of the mid-state region, a new page in the history of spirit making is being written at Old Republic Distillery (1327 North Duke Street, York, PA)! Also known as ORD, Old Republic Distillery is centered around celebrating the art of making flavorful and high-quality spirits!

ORD is the first distillery to open in York County since the end of prohibition. They focus their attention on the following:

  • creating spirits of superior quality
  • handcrafted beverages
  • utilizing as many locally sourced products as possible

The folks at ORD welcome your visit and even encourage you to BYOF (bring your own food) to pair with their tasty spirit creations. Bottle purchases, tastings, and signature cocktail creations are all available. Hours of operation are Thursday, 4pm to 8:30pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm to 10pm. Raise a glass while supporting a locally owned and operated small business—and treat yourself to a relaxing evening in York.

One of the best things about the arrival of spring is the increased availability of locally grown produce!

Who hasn’t dreamed—during the coldest days of our Central Pennsylvania winter—of walking through a cherry orchard picking your favorites right off the tree. Or how about walking through aisles and aisles of bright, beautiful fruits and vegetables that are grown practically in our own backyard! If this vision is as appealing to you as it is to all of us here at DO., then might we suggest a visit to Strites Orchard (1000 Strites Road, Harrisburg, PA)! This wonderland of fresh produce is a one-stop shop for all of your healthy eating needs.

Fun Facts about the Strite Orchard:

  • The Strite family has been farming in the Harrisburg area since 1843
  • The farm itself is currently over 300 acres
  • These 300 acres are filled with a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables grown throughout the harvest seasons

If you’d like to plan your visit, or simply learn more about the wonderful products that Strites Orchard has to offer, please take a moment to visit their website. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 8am to 4pm (they are closed on Sundays). Take the family for an adventure, and create a meal together (literally) from farm to table!

According to a National Geographic article, “our human footprint doesn’t end after we buy and consume things; the final product impact occurs when we discard items and we Americans discard four-fifths of a ton of trash per person, per year.”

Wow. Take a sec and read that again.

Let Spring of 2018 be your year of renewal. Let it be the year you commit to wasting less and conserving more. How, you ask? There are quite a few ways, actually.


Buy non-packaged produce

Make a commitment to stop buying bags of salad, or pre-sliced mushrooms packaged in tons of plastic. Central Market is open three days a week as well as various other farmer’s markets in the region. If you work downtown, plan on spending your lunch break once a week at Central Market to pick through fresh, locally grown produce. Bring a backpack or a tote bag to put everything in. When buying eggs, bring in your used egg container. Purchase your weekly milk from Maplehofe Dairy in their reusable glass containers. Buy the beeswax wraps from Lemon Street Market (or make your own) for cheeses from various vendors.

Opt for glass containers

You can thrift tons of glass storage containers with glass, metal, or wood lids for your fridge and pantry rather than plastic. If you want to go for something fancier and support a local business, visit Mise en Place. This commitment also includes opting for, as an example, the glass bottle of olive oil rather than the plastic option.


Get a damn bike

What are you waiting for? Stop whining about walking everywhere and bike instead. The Common Wheel is a great place to start. If you are in an area with access to buses, subways or trains, transition to public transportation more often.


Eat fewer animal products

The reality is, consuming meat and other animal products drastically affect the environment in a negative way. Consuming fewer animal products can single-handedly be the best thing you can do for the environment. Try “Meatless Mondays” or cutting dairy here and there.


Buy recyclable products

 Try purchasing recyclable toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and other products. Look for products that are sustainable, compostable or are made from recycled materials.


Obviously, recycle.

If you can recycle or even compost, that would be dope. The environment thanks you kindly.

We are just touching the surface of ways you can transition to a sustainable lifestyle as there are so many ways you can make an impact. We are aware that not everyone has the resources or income to be able to buy these products but if you can make baby steps, that’s fantastic. The reality is, the environment needs some for real TLC and we need to step up and take care of it. Imagine a world without a rainforest, polar bears, lightning bugs, flowers, fish. It’s comforting knowing that there is a vast, beautiful world out there for us to explore but one day, that might not be the case. All it takes is the promise to yourself to try harder.


Valentine’s Day in Harrisburg? Why not?! Grab your person, hit the town, and enjoy a variety of special activities you both will love! *heart emoji*

If you’re on a quest for food and fun, look no further than the Millworks! They are located on Verbeke Street near one of the oldest farmers markets in the country. Millworks offers quality food in their restaurant and hand-crafted beer at their brewery, DELISH! After your meal, feast your eyes on some local art as you peruse their art gallery and shop. (Brownie Points: they serve a KILLER brunch on Sundays between 10am and 2pm.)

Reflect together at the Susquehanna Art Museum for their “Looking In: Portraits and Their Stories” exhibit. This particular show goes up on February 10th and will be available for viewing until May 20th. (Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a date on the cheap side, go to the exhibit on Friday, February 16th between 5pm and 8pm for free admission!)

Susquehanna Art Museum

Located on North Third Street, Midtown Scholar Bookstore is not your ordinary bookstore. This refurbished theater and department store holds 200,000 books along with various events, live performances, and a cafe. (Side note: Midtown Scholar also has 2 million books available online for purchase, including rare books and various signed copies.)

Feel the love and the beat as you head to Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center for dinner, drinks, and some dirty dancing on Valentine’s Day! Los Monstros will be serving up some salsa and merengue music live on stage as you enjoy an energetic and romantic evening together!

Mix up your V-Day by going out with friends and testing your strategy skills in an escape room setting. Outside the Box provides a challenging adventure filled with puzzles and riddles. If you’re in a large group, consider booking an outbreak raceroom to compete against friends in the same challenge!

Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet!

We took a little field trip to Harrisburg to discuss some big plans in the works for DO.! St@rtup Harrisburg was our first stop where we spent some time cranking out work and having great conversation. This coworking space is refreshingly modern with various pieces of bold, urban art. Nuzzled in a little neighborhood of Harrisburg but not far from the capital, this coworking space is a perfect little spot for freelancers and other professionals to gather and network.


Founded in 2013, St@rtup developed their space with the mission of WE > ME to facilitate innovation in local startups in the area. They hope to spread the culture of collaboration and the “get shit done” mentality to the region. Their space started off as an office of just 3,000 square feet, then gradually grew into a newly remodeled space three years later. St@rtup believes in their investment in Harrisburg city and thanks the community for their ongoing support of this project.


After our little St@rtup field trip, we made our way to Millworks Restaurant and Brewery. We have a ton of tremendous things to say about this trendy artisan restaurant but we will keep it short and sweet.


Okay, GO: This spot is a MUST-VISIT for date night (especially during warmer days when guests can utilize their outdoor patio) and experience their DELICIOUS, sustainable food and handcrafted drinks. We may have had the best darn salad and kombucha we’ve ever had, and that is not even an exaggeration. Madison, our DO. photographer and writer, repeatedly said over and over to the team, “this is the best salad I have ever had in my life.” She had their Wood-Grilled Warm Kale and Broccoli Rabe Salad with a Lemon Ginger Kombucha.


Anyways, if you are in the Harrisburg area and need a hip little spot to work (it’s not actually little, but you get what we mean), hit St@rtup Harrisburg. If you need a refreshing new spot for food and bevvies, roll through Millworks. For real.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! If you live in the York area, we have some pretty kickass plans for you for the 14th!


Need for speed? You’re in luck! Just outside of York is the Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations Factory. Various tours are available to the public, such as the Classic Factory Tour and the Steel Toe Tour. The Steel Toe Tour is an intimate experience that takes you behind-the-scenes with an in-depth look into the manufacturing process. You’ll be required to wear safety glasses, a vest, and steel toe protection. (Pro Tip: Tickets to the Classic Factory Tour are first-come first-serve, so try to get there early. Also, groups under nine people get free admission! Perfect for a couple or a family.)

For some quality entertainment, visit The Appell Center for the Performing Arts. Valentine’s Day weekend, there will be screenings of Oscar nominated short films, a live performance by the York Symphony Orchestra, and so much more.

Dive into your creative side at the York Historical Society Museum with the “Our Stories, Our Artists” event. In collaboration with CreativeYork, this event will help you get in touch with your artistic side in a guided painting session with Ellen Ehlenbeck. All supplies are provided along with some wine and cheese. Just make sure to save your spot by registering!

Located on North Beaver and Philadelphia Streets, the York Central Market is a great place to immerse yourself in the city and discover something new. With over 50 vendors in the market, there are countless options to explore. From homemade baked goods, to fresh produce and locally crafted beer, the Central Market is a hotspot for local cuisine.

Interested in something more laid back? Head to Laser Alleys Bowling Center! With 24-hour lanes, glow bowling, laser tag, a snack bar, and pub, there’s no better place to be! They even sell 60-cent wings on Thursdays and have Karaoke on Fridays!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day in York, PA!

Dessert and Aperitifs

Alton Brown has declared the Little Gem Lettuces salad at Luca to be the best he’s ever had, so naturally, Luca has been on DO.’s radar for quite a while. We visited Luca and became huge advocates for their dessert. Luca is the perfect place to go to split a dessert, paired with one of their aperitifs (or even an aperitif flight). Aside from their wood-fired pizzas, Luca is known for their unique selection of various aperitifs! Aperitifs are a type of liqueur typically consumed before a meal to help stimulate the appetite.
Luca — 436 West James Street / Reserve a Table

Sunset in Buchanan Park + Cocoa

Bring some blankets and bundle up! Don’t forget to pick up some hot cocoa at your favorite local cafe! Quietly watching the sunset on the hill at Buchanan Park will surely spark the love within. Now, go make out!
Buchanan Park — 901 Buchanan Avenue


Wine Crawl

Download the Lyft app and get ready for a wine crawl! Start at Checkers Bistro. Then walk right over to Fenz. You can make your way to John J. Jeffries right around the corner, and end at The Fridge (yes, they have wine). What a perfect idea for a wintery night. Oh, and don’t be shy— order some appetizers and dessert, too!


Checkers Bistro — 398 Harrisburg Avenue
Fenz — 398 Harrisburg Avenue, Suite 100
John J. Jeffries — 300 Harrisburg Avenue, inside Lancaster Arts Hotel
The Fridge — 534 North Mulberry Street

Cheers, fellow Pennsylvanians!










Okay, but what the heck is a Buddha bowl?

Well, besides being the most hipster consumable item you could ever throw together (hashtag trendinnnng), they’re extremely well-balanced meals and really good for your health.  The idea behind the Buddha bowl is that you’re pairing foods with certain characteristics (vegetables, healthy grains, and protein) in an attractive arrangement, all in one dish right in front of you.

As Rachel Ray always says (well, I never actually heard her say these words because I usually watch her on mute with captions), “You eat with your eyes first.” And hot damn—Buddha bowls are pretty as hell.

This was the first diagram I ever found about a year ago that introduced the concept of Buddha bowls to me. It breaks things down by category, but also includes a fun little pie chart where it breaks down exactly how much of each item you should put in your bowl to reach complete foodgasm nirvana.

That about breaks it down for you all! Send us your beautiful creations, and get inspired here.


DO. Lancaster has found some delectable wintery brews that’ll keep you warm AF during the much awaited cold right around the corner! As always, please drink responsibly. Stay safe as you enjoy some of our faves!

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
925 Plaza Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 320-8840

BJ’s has just added their limited edition annual release of Grand Cru! This incredible Belgian tripel is actually quite light and won’t leave you feeling like a belly full of jelly this winter season. This lovely, warming beer comes in a fun BJ’s glass. Order this beer as soon as you’re seated, because the deeper flavors come out the more it warms!

Our server Bridget told us that BJ’s Grand Cru pairs perfectly with their Cherry Chipotle Salmon and their Spicy Pig Tavern Cut Pizza! Drooling yet?!

Brownie Points: BJ’s has gluten-free, vegetarian, AND vegan options available!



Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
781 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 291-9800


Head brewer Pim “Dutch” Harmsen recently released Iron Hill’s winter beers: Russian Imperial Stout and Reindeer’s Revenge (formerly known as Rudolph’s Revenge).

Iron Hill is actually known around the world for their Russian Imperial Stout. In fact, they won a silver medal for it at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado! You’ll taste complexities of coffee, dark bitter chocolate, and tobacco in this full-bodied beer that’s so dark you can’t see through your pint glass—or, wait, did you just get way too drunk? No, it’s just that dark. Iron Hill’s Russian Imperial is sweet yet bright, as it’s brewed with American hops. Pim also suggests aging this beer as it’s an excellent candidate for the process!

Reindeer’s Revenge is effing amazing, y’all. An American tripel, this delicious beer is brewed like a tripel but set-hopped with American hops. Those wonderful banana and clove notes come through, as well as piny, resinous, juicy flavors as well. This yummy brew isn’t super sweet and is the perfect companion to your soul on a cold winter’s night!

Fun (but super unfair) Fact: Apparently Disney had a hissy fit over Iron Hill’s use of the name Rudolph and filed a cease and assist that they change their beer name! The result was renaming the beer to Reindeer’s Revenge. Still the same amazing beer, just named after a generic deer rather than the one with a very shiny nose.