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DO. you miss the bright lights, awesome sounds, and wonderful variety of games of a 1980s style gaming arcade? York’s TimeLine Arcade (54 W. Market Street, York) has created a gamer’s paradise where the best arcade games of the past are blended with the latest gaming consoles!

TimeLine boasts over 140 games, making it the largest arcade of its kind in Pennsylvania! Special care is given to original arcade and pinball machines, ensuring they will be around for future generations to enjoy. TimeLine also prides itself on providing a safe environment where both kids and parents alike can relax and engage in their gaming passion. A parents lounge is located near the front of the store, ensuring that parents can see if their children are leaving the arcade.


TimeLine also offers free WiFi access, allowing you the opportunity to stay connected with the outside world and brush up on some gaming tips. The management at TimeLine Arcade offers the most hassle-free entertainment experience possible. This means NO COINS!!! Simply pick up a card at the check-in kiosk, press start, and commence playing. You don’t pay until your gaming day is complete!


Plan your visit today by visiting TimeLine Arcade!

Sue Severino, based in Harrisburg, PA—founded Severino Health Advisors over four years ago with one goal in mind—to help ensure that her clients received the best healthcare possible. Sue spent most of her career in healthcare as a physician’s assistant. It was during that time she realized the complexities patients faced while seeking out healthcare options. Sue also experienced similar difficulties in her personal life when both of her parents became ill. This was the point where she decided to transition into the world of health advocacy.

Sue defines her role as a health advocate as “one who helps clients struggling with either new or chronic conditions navigate the healthcare system.” She also offers guidance on how to deal with medical bills along with aging care decision making. Severino Health Advisors are here to make life easier for caregivers on their healthcare journey.

To learn more about how Severino Health Advisors may be of assistance to you and your loved ones visit

Spring has sprung (despite some leftover flurries). As we look to come out of our winter hibernation, our attention to turns toward outdoor activities. Did you know that Central Pennsylvania has a fully accessible, twenty-one-mile long rail trail that’ll take you from the heart of downtown York clear down to the Maryland state line? The Heritage Rail Trail County Park is an ADA compliant, 10-foot wide compacted stone surface that is designed to handle running, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and more!

This linear trail runs through scenic southern York County, crossing through 11 different municipalities. The trail is equipped with facilities including public restrooms, picnic tables, and benches. There are several small communities along the trail’s path that offer food and areas to rest and relax. The Heritage Rail Trail is built to provide a relatively level grade, with elevations between 400-800 feet.  The trail also offers a glimpse into our past, with a historic railroad line running adjacent to the trail. This same railroad line was used by President Abraham Lincoln as he traveled from Washington D.C. to Gettysburg to give the famous Gettysburg Address!

Fresh air, miles and miles of scenery, and surroundings filled with history. If this sounds like your perfect day, then start planning your visit today by learning more online. The park is open year-round, from 8 am until dusk.

Central Pennsylvania shoppers know how absolutely blessed we are to have so many wonderful vintage retail establishments to choose from! Redeux Marketplace in York, PA is no exception! A wonderful mix of merchants await customers at Redeux.

Are you on the lookout for repurposed home decor or furniture? Little Fish Place has you covered! Maybe you’re a man who is looking to breathe some new life into his wardrobe. The Midtown Dandy will provide the guidance and stylish fashion-forward items to help set you apart from the crowd. Do you find yourself wanting to decorate your home with items others may consider dark or edgy? Stop by Horror Vaccui and explore repurposed items that each carry a unique story. Are you in need of a light fixture, but cannot seem to find the one that has the right amount of funk? Upcycled Tinkerings, with their eclectic inventory of home decor and nostalgic pieces, will provide you with plenty of amazing options.

Redeux prides itself on providing a fully stocked and easily shoppable market where collectors, antique hunters, and everyday shoppers can search for that one must have item! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself online or take a visit in person at 113 South Duke Street in Downtown York. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Sunday 10 am – 6 pm. See you at Redeux!