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“Each of us is born as infinitely creative beings.
We are taught that as we age our brains are less flexible and unable to access new parts of itself.
But this is not true!
The nature of our brains and of our consciousness is that of elasticity.”

Still searching for the perfect gift for your little one this holiday season? Give them the gift of music with interactive storybooks from Musical Tales for Modern Minds. Each storybook includes original characters and music, based on the musical characteristics of different regions around the world.

The Musical Tales for Modern Minds storybook series encourages music discovery and exploration in children, classroom teachers, music teachers, and parents. Your four- to seven-year-old will love learning about musical elements like rhythm and melody!

The first book in our series focuses on Haja, a young bird on a journey to face her biggest fear. The story of Haja brings West Africa’s vibrant colors and sounds to life through interactive, musical elements. Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly teaches your little one the musical element of rhythm, as well as the strong message of perseverance and strength in a fun, interactive way.

The second book in our series follows Siku, a young alpaca living in the mountains of Peru. Siku learns to express herself by singing and humming the songs in her heart, even if she has to break a few rules. Discover the musical element of melody while teaching children the value of self expression with Siku’s Song.

No matter who is on your holiday shopping list, the Musical Tales for Modern Minds storybook series is the perfect gift! For the teachers in your life, check out our series of teaching guides.

You can find both Haja: The Bird Who Was Afraid To Fly and Siku’s Song online at and

About Julia, Music Mommy:

Julia Jordan Kamanda is a mother, wife, music-maker, writer, dreamer, truth seeker, world traveler, change agent… “Actually,” she says, “I’m a creative work-at-home mom with two very expressive and energetic kids, a toddler and an infant. I write and record original music, do studio vocal and guitar work, freelance music supervision projects for films, and teach community music lessons and classes. Plus, my husband and I developed the Creative Arts Initiative in Sierra Leone, West Africa which encourages self-empowerment and expression in teenage girls through creative writing and the arts.”
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