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Anne loves all things Lancaster, coworking and design. When she’s not busy running The Candy Factory, a coworking space in downtown Lancaster she’s hard at work at The Sweet Core a design and marketing company housed in The Candy Factory.

Thanksgiving Donating and Volunteering

‘Tis the season for giving thanks but also for giving back! DO Thanksgiving right this year by donating and volunteering at your favorite organizations. There are countless charities around Lancaster who are in need of your support!


Hope Community Services

This growing organization offers translation services for Spanish speakers in Lancaster. They also provide drug and alcohol support groups. They hope to offer transitional living services for former addicts and a youth community center as well.

Hope Community Services

220 W. King St.

Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 295-1435


The Salvation Army – Lancaster, PA

This outstanding initiative offers disaster relief services, food and clothing donations, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, and clothing and shelter to the homeless in our area. Donate your time or dollars to help those in need this Thanksgiving.

The Salvation Army

131 S. Queen St.

Lancaster, PA 17603

(717) 397-7565


Meals On Wheels

This organization delivers meals to the elderly who are desperately in need. The goal is to give back to our neighbors, veterans, and grandparents. Give back to your community this season and all-year-round by volunteering at Meals On Wheels!

Meals On Wheels

1085-B Manheim Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 392-4842

Have other organizations you want to promote? Shoot us a message on Facebook and we will promote your organization this season. Thank you for giving back!

Don’t miss out on fall tricks and treats this season—and by “treats,” we don’t mean stealing the entire bag of candy from the neighborhood kids this Halloween night, although that does sound nice. The treats we are talking about are the delicious fall food and drink options that are now featured at Cafe One Eight!

Let’s talk munchies. If you want fall in your mouth, we suggest the Harvest French Toast made from their house-made cinnamon swirl bread. Yeah, it’s good. If you’d like a healthier option, check out the Ruby Red Salad made with mixed greens, snap peas, red beets, pine nuts, goat cheese, and Seasons brand oil and vinegar.

Need something to wet your whistle? We’ve got you covered. This fall, try out their Maple Spice or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Want something a little more unique? Try their Hot Toddy made with Spicy Apple Juice and a spice blend of clove, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric—garnished with lime. Pro tip: add cayenne pepper to that. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their Dutch Campfire made with semi-sweet café mocha, topped with marshmallow whipped cream and Stroopie bits.

Don’t let fall pass you by before trying these delicious treats! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Cafe One Eight
18 West Orange Street, Lancaster, PA, 17603
(717) 509-4500

IG: @cafe1eight

Pumpkin Spice Latte w/ Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Did you know that 1 in 5 children in the U.S. go to bed hungry? A local nonprofit, Power Packs Project, is working to eliminate the statistic by providing parents of children in their program with nutritious meals over weekends when the school breakfast and lunch programs are unavailable to them.

Each week, families receive a recipe for a low-cost meal and all the ingredients to make it. The Power Packs Project does not solve the problem with highly processed, highly sugared and expensive pre-packaged foods, but instead provides nutritious ingredients and staples like peanut butter and cereal. This Lancaster-based nonprofit works to empower the participating local families to better use their food dollars and assure their children are well-fed and ready to learn at school.

Recently, Power Packs Project announced their Power Up Kids Campaign. Power Up Kids is an interactive campaign that informs, engages and inspires thoughtful dialog and collaborative change in Lancaster County and beyond. It features powerful public arts pieces, hands-on displays and thought-provoking installations that work to build awareness and promote action.

Join Power Up Kids on Friday, October 7 during Lancaster’s First Friday and experience the first installment of their two hands-on displays! Sit at their interactive Dinner Table Project and see what the average meal for someone dealing with hunger looks like. Or come build a life-size puzzle out of cardboard boxes to reveal a message about hunger in Lancaster.

For all the details, visit Power Packs Project online. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

In 2002, School District of Lancaster teachers Shayne Meadows and Ty Bair, realized a need for a mentorship program that prepares Lancaster City students for higher education and ultimately a future career. Together, Shayne and Ty teamed up to create change and opportunity for their students, and co-found the innovative program Exit Lancaster.

Exit Lancaster believes that all children can develop and become positive members of society when they are given the opportunities to be successful.  The program is designed to provide Lancaster’s inner city youth with the skills and aptitude needed to navigate their way through their primary academic career and on to some form of Higher Education.

Exit Lancaster’s partnership with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is designed to expose local middle and high school students to a college campus and expectations at an early age, and to prepare students for higher education and ultimately a future career. The program offers after-school tutoring, summer advancement courses and preparatory classes, that reinforce their 5 fundamental principles — education, community, arts, wellness, and career.

For the month of October, Exit Lancaster is hosting a special fundraising event for the A. Barshinger Cancer Institute, by painting Lancaster PINK. The annual Pink Lancaster Campaign encourages Exit Lancaster youth to engage and create an impact within the local community.  Show your support by wearing your PINK Lancaster t-shirt and visiting participating businesses every Wednesday in October for special deals!

For all the details, visit Exit Lancaster online. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Looking for the perfect family photo spot this Summer? Stop by the pop-up flower patch on the corner of East Oregon and Kissel Hill Rd located near the Lancaster Airport. While the owners allow pictures they do request that you don’t pick the flowers since they were planted to help attract bees. We stopped by this week to capture some of our own pictures! Enjoy!


things to do lancaster flowers 1

We’re very excited for the brand new Chop Sushi that just opened in Lancaster. Healthy, convenient and super cute. The Things To Do Lancaster team had the pleasure of stopping by for lunch and this great new spot didn’t disappoint. We highly recommend and welcome Chop Sushi!


‘Tis the season for family traditions both old and new. Traditions connect with the past and provide continuity by passing them on to our children. One such tradition for my family is our visit to Yuletide at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. This is a newer tradition for us, just a few years old but it has become one we look forward to each year.

Henry Francis du Pont and his grand estate Winterthur (pronounced winter-tour) epitomize traditions of the holiday season. As well as learning specifically about Christmas celebrations at Winterthur, you will also learn about various holiday traditions brought to America. From the garden and grounds to the measure exhibits and antiques, Winterthur is a real treat for the entire family.

We love the Winterthur experience so much we it so purchased a family membership a few years back and make it a point to visit monthly if not more often.

Yuletide is the icing on the cake at the end of each year, with the decorated rooms and festive Christmas tree displays. Visitors are delighted by the beauty of trees decorated with dried flowers from the estate in keeping with du Pont’s idea of bring the beauty of nature into the home.


Yuletide is up until January 3rd as is the Tiffany Glass exhibit which is a must see while there. This experience is perfect for families and if you plan to make a day of it be sure to walk the grounds, visit the enchanted woods and koi fish. The trolley tour is a great way to learn a bit of history about the gardens and estate and you can stop by the gift shop/cafe for a treat. While the current display will be taken down soon, the Winterthur experience is worth enjoying year round.

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
5105 Kennett Pike
Wilmington, DE 19735

This weather has been perfect for hiking the trails around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This weekend we stopped by Landis Woods Park  in Manheim Township for a nice stroll thought the woods. The easy to walk trails, brisk air and colorful leaves made for a perfect family day out. This is a nice little park perfect for young kids and dog walking. Share your favorite trails in Lancaster county and we’ll be sure to share them!




Styling your home for the season can be tricky this time of year. Many of us are anxious to transition to Fall decor for our home but we’re not ready for halloween pumpkins and the traditional Fall look. To help guide us with our seasonal mantel decor this time of year we looked to Holly Heitmann of Inglenook Design Lab. Inglenook Creative is a coworking space for businesses in the Home & Garden industry and Holly, who owns Holly Heitmann Home Design, and Day Waters of Inglenook, were happy to give us some mantel tips. See what these talented ladies developed for us below.

Mantel Contest | We want to see YOUR Fall Mantels. Post your pictures to our Facebook page and use hashtag #TTDLancMantelContest. On October 22th, Holly and Day will pick their favorite Season Mantel. The lucky winner will receive a free Inglenook Design Lab Session. So let’s see those mantels!

Style Your Mantel Tips

Fireplaces are coveted focal points in a home and the styling the mantel is a great opportunity to express your creativity.  If you find it daunting, here are a few guidelines to help.

Mantel No. 1 | Pumpkin Mantel

It is fun to change up your mantel.  Allow a holiday theme to inspire new ideas. Be sure to have an anchor (the central art), weight (the candle sticks provide a frame) and the filler (all the fun stuff in the middle). The more variety the better. Use a contrast of size, color, shape, texture and finish.  Think about Triangles or pyramids when creating groupings


Mantel No. 2 | Coral Mantel

Our eyes love the balance found in symmetry.  To create a symmetrical look on a mantel, use a focal point at the center, such as a large beautiful piece of art. It needs to be at least ⅔ the size of the mantel. If it is too small it will look accidental.  Repeat or mirror the sides along a central line down the middle.  The look is neat and ordered and portrays a feeling of stability, formality, and refinement.  It’s hard to go wrong with a symmetrical mantel display!

MANTELNO2Mantel No. 3 | Face Mantel

An asymmetrical design, although not a mirrored image, finds its balance by using objects that carry the same visual weight on either side of an imaginary centerline.  The objects are different from each other, but still similar in mass and form.  This look feels dynamic, relaxed, and flexible.  It is layered with various items also adding depth and visual interest.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. To get balance and proportion, use odd numbers in your groupings – 3 different sizes and ideally different shapes.

Still not getting the look that is in your mind’s eye, spend the morning with professionals and like-minded enthusiasts at Inglenook Design Lab.

What’s Inglenook Design Lab? Get a little Help from a friend! Home improvement is always an investment.  For ½ the cost of a can of paint,  Design lab is a place where you can find coaching from a professional and inspiration from like-minded enthusiasts.   It is a time and place to consider YOUR preferences and tap into unlimited design resources including access to our wallpaper, fabric samples and more in a friendly, comfortable environment.  No job is too small! We know how seemingly little projects left undone can weigh you down but don’t fret we’re here to help!

Visit for details.

So the entire team here at TTDLanc all agree that Fall is, by far, our favorite season. and while we love the weather, we especially  love the clothes. Finally, we can start pulling out those scarves, fun boots and layers!

Not only does Fall mean changing leaves and crisp mornings, it’s also a good time to take a look at that closet, clean it out and go shopping! Many of us are on budgets and while the latest clothing trends at the local designer clothing store are wonderful (we do suggest buying a few key pieces from these stores), consignment allows us to walk away happy with several bags of stylish, gently-used items for a lot less. Since consignment is so hot here in Lancaster County, we decided to reach out to several local stores for our oh-so-fun Fall In Love with Fall photo shoot.

We asked a few consignment stores to provide us with several outfits which we’d use in our photo shoot (aren’t those kids adorable) and also give a tip or two on shopping consignment for the Fall. Store owners greeted the idea with such willingness and were very helpful during the selection process. You can tell these ladies know their stuff. We asked for Fall clothes and they delivered. While this photo shoot did focus mostly on children’s clothing, we did find classic women’s outfits (and even bought a few of them for ourselves!)

Needless to say, we had a blast with this assignment. The kids hammed it up for the camera, we learned a lot about Fall consignment shopping and our closets are now ready for the cooler weather.

Fall in love with Fall Fashion with us and be sure to visit some of the wonderful stores we had the pleasure of working with. Also, feel free to share your favorite Fall shopping tips!

We know this list is not complete and we have many other wonderful consignments stores in the area, so please let us know your favorite and we’re happy to tell our TTDLanc family about them.










Twice Found Consignment
309 N. Queen St,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 208-7624

Twice Found is an upscale consignment shop located on the 300 block of North Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, PA. We carry women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. We see our role as curator more than merchant — selecting only the highest quality gently loved items (or even those still carrying original tags!) for our shop. For our customers, we wish an experience akin to discovering buried treasure as they uncover fabulous fashion finds at unbelievable prices.


  • Layer! Layering is always a must for Fall Ie. cardigans,chambrays,button downs,cami’s
  • Learn all the ways you can tie a scarf (you’d be surprised how many there are!)
  • Color! Don’t be afraid of color just because it’s Fall for some reason everyone believes you have to wear browns,blacks and dark colors period. Live a little!

Fashion Cents Consignment
255 N. Decatur St,
Strasburg, PA 17579
(717) 687-8470

Fashion Cents Consignment is a consignment shop located just outside the town of Strasburg, PA. We sell women’s, baby’s, kid’s and maternity clothing as well as baby equipment, women’s shoes, purses and jewelry. Prices are very reasonable and clothes are very fashionable. Check us out on our Facebook for more updates of new items coming in!


  • Super stylish brand name clothes at “cents”ible prices. 
  • Why buy new when you can buy used at quarter of the price!

Miracles Consignment
3043 Columbia Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 394-4828

Miracles Consignment Shop is a family-owned store that specializes in new and gently used clothing, shoes, toys, baby equipment, books and more for a fraction of the cost of retail. Miracles offers clothing in sizes newborn through juniors, as well as maternity. Shop your favorite brands without breaking the bank! New consignors are always welcome!


  • Fashion forward parents love dressing their kids like mini versions of themselves, but with a sweet twist! You will find fashions similar to those you love, but in much smaller sizes (with a side of cute!) Brands that we love for “mini me” clothes include H&M, GapKids, and Old Navy.
  • Boys can’t get enough of the athletic look. Brands like Nike and Under Armour continue to be favorites. We have also been seeing a lot of plaid; perhaps some 90’s grunge returning?
  • For the girls, leggins continue to be a favorite! We are also loving bold graphic tees!

Plato’s Closet
1567 Manheim Pike,
Lancaster, PA 17601
(717) 617-2387

Plato’s Closet is an upscale consignment store for teens and twenty-something’s. They strive on buying current and popular trends for their target market of ages 14-24. Unlike typical consignment, all of the merchandise sold at Plato’s Closet is priced at 50-70% off original retail prices and they provide those who sell to them 30% of that in the form of cash, right on the spot! There inventory is constantly changing so no shopping experience is the same. Selling to them is easy and fun! They accept all seasons all the time. No appointment is necessary and there is no limit on the amount of items that can be brought in to sell at any given time. A certified buyer will go through the items and evaluate them based on style, condition, demand and brand and will eliminate any items that don’t fit the criteria needed for the store. Lastly, an offer will be presented and it can either be accepted or declined based on how comfortable the seller is with it.  Plato’s Closet Lancaster is open to buy and sell 7 days a week! Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 10:00am until 9:00pm and Sunday from 11am until 6pm.


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles from the past, especially since the 70s and 90s are making a huge comeback this fall season! There are several trends from those decades that might make some fashionistas uncertain of reliving but it’s always a great idea to incorporate modern with vintage when wanting to (comfortably) experiment with the past.
  • This may have been repeated one to many times but it can not be stressed enough the importance of layering during the colder months. Dress up a simple sweater with a chunky infinity scarf and put on frilly boot socks to add a fashionable touch to what could have been a basic outfit.
  • Certain summer styles can be recycled for the fall season. Rompers are a Spring/Summer fashion staple, but they can transition nicely into the colder months by simply adding tights and a cardigan.

Ooh La La Consignment
3014 Columbia Ave,
Lancaster, PA 17601

Founded in 2010, Ooh La La Consignment is owned and operated by mother and daughter team Helen and Trudy. The building itself was built in Victorian-style in 1904 and it still emanates that theme today with Chandeliers throughout. With 2 floors to shop on, the boutique is truly an escape from the standard shopping scenario whether it is consignment or regular retail.

Helen and Trudy have a sincere love for high end fashions and for providing their customers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. That includes individualized service for each and every customer. They will take the time to consult with you about what you are looking for and advise you on what might work best for your situation.

Helen and Trudy invite you to stop in, relax and unwind – and shop for designer fashions of all kinds. You’ll be treated like family!

Deja Vu Consignment
1521 Lititz Pike,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 291-4481

2106 Spring Valley Road,
Lancaster, PA
(717) 299-3352

Between our two different Déjà Vu locations, we offer today’s hottest fashion styles for men and women as well as small home decor at reasonable prices.  We understand the value of offering our customers the best for LESS to help them look and feel great.

In addition we carry the ever so popular fragrances TokyoMilk & Lollia by Margot Elena.

We are also excited to introduce the Waxing Poetic Jewelry Line at our Lititz Pike location.  Waxing Poetic celebrates the potential for transformation in all of us. Waxing Poetic pays homage to the journey of our lives: where we come from, what our stories are, and how they have influenced both the world and us.  We took on this new line because it’s an extension of who we are at Deja Vu… Our small staff at each location ensures that you will be treated with the utmost respect and care every time you walk through our doors and we always offer a personalized service. We pride ourselves in having a personal relationships with  many of our customers to help them in the ever changing fashion journey!  That’s what we’d like to say sets us apart!


  • If you love it, buy it! Chances are, there’s only one. I’ve had people come in, fall in love with something and walk away,  They’ll come back, sometimes on the same day, but it’ll be gone.  If you’re on the fence because you found a piece that’s almost perfect, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor for alterations. It’s an easy way to turn a good find into a great one!
  • Layered Jewelry: Don’t hesitate to pile on the heavy metals. The more, the merrier.  Waxing Poetic has a multitude of bracelets and charms for every style.
  • Must Have for every woman’s closet is a good denim jacket. The main thing to look for when trying on denim jackets is fit. Make sure the style isn’t too boxy on your body. The lines of the jacket that run along your ribs down to your waist should cut in a bit, but not so much that it wears like a second skin. Denim is great over anything from a tank to a maxi dress.  It’s all about comfort, fun and style.