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Dessert and Aperitifs Alton Brown has declared the Little Gem Lettuces salad at Luca to be the best he’s ever had, so naturally, Luca has been on DO.’s radar for quite a while. We visited Luca and became huge advocates for their dessert. Luca is the perfect place to go to split a dessert, [...]
We can all agree that this weather is, in fact, pretty miserable (unless you’re one of those winter weather lovers). In all seriousness though, winter can be miserable, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to match by being drab and boring. When you DO (see what we did there?) finally [...]
Let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions are a little cliché, don’t you think? If we want to go full force into bettering our lives, why not start any old day of the year? It’ll never be the perfect day to change, so why not just go for it, right now? Now that we’ve got that […]
Okay, but what the heck is a Buddha bowl? Well, besides being the most hipster consumable item you could ever throw together (hashtag trendinnnng), they’re extremely well-balanced meals and really good for your health.  The idea behind the Buddha bowl is that you’re pairing foods with certain [...]

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