This One’s for the Girls

Gift giving is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Isn’t there just something so incredibly gratifying and satisfying about finding the perfect gifts for the people you love? Everyone I talk to has their own favorite style of gift giving or demographic of gift recipients. I have a social-butterfly friend who delights in finding the perfect gifts for the many hosts and hostesses whose parties she will attend. I have the foodie friend who likes to expose us to the greatest in haute cuisine each year. The DIY friend who provides us with one-of-a-kind, made-with-love-and-talent gifts, and of course everyone loves living vicariously through the little ones by buying those “where were these toys when we were growing up?” gifts for the kids!

TDSC04436his year though, I think I’m most excited about shopping for the women in my life! My girlfriends, sister, moms and grandmother. My coworkers, my mentors, my cheerleaders, my girls! This is the group of people in my life who give the most and ask for the least, and so for me, they’re the most fun to spoil and give back to! I’m always committed to #buysmall and #shoplocal when I can, but for this particular group I love the idea of boutique shopping for one of a kind, beautiful, useful, fashionable luxuries for my girls! I started my Christmas shopping this week at three of my favorite boutiques in the Historic East Side of downtown Lancaster!

That Shuu Girl is one of my favorite spots on the planet for affordable fashion finds with a side of girl talk!
Nicole has got my number when it comes to style and taste, and almost always greets me with “I just know you’re going to love what just came in…” and is always right about that! I have brought many a girlfriend through the doors at That Shuu Girl for some shopping fun and we’ve found some fan favorites in the fleece lined tights, mukluk slippers, warm ponchos, glitzy skirts and fun accessories. I have never walked out of her doors empty-handed and I can always find something unique and exquisite for the unique and exquisite girls on my list!



DSC04444 2Sophie Stargazer is just a couple of doors away on King Street and opens up another world of fashion finds for the ladies on my list. Kristin keeps her store stocked with those wardrobe foundational investment pieces that we all need, eco-friendly brands that feel good to give and receive, and unique gifts and home furnishings that you won’t see at the mall. Fashion and conscience converge in this space for gifts that are beautiful, timeless and feel truly extraordinary.



DSC04449 copy


DSC04455 2Festoon At The Firehouse is just around the corner on N. Duke Street. I’m telling you that just walking through the doors of this shop leaves me wonderstruck and inspired. The Christmas displays bring the season to life and get me in the holiday spirit of giving! You will find plenty of unique and beautiful garb here as well, but some of my favorite aspects of this boutique are in the home fashions and the Lancaster-made gifts. I’m particularly drawn to the collaboration they have with local artist Betsy Olmsted bringing her colorful, ethereal and whimsical work to textiles for your living space! I’m also loving their exclusive spa products by Brio. Another favorite gift idea is the two-amazing-gifts-in-one of Candle-Tumblers. The aromatic candles are hand-poured by Lancaster’s Premier candle maker, Christina Maser into brightly hued tumblers hand-blown by Lancaster artist, Kevin Lehman!


What better way to celebrate the women in your life than by supporting these women-owned and operated small businesses in our community! I hope you find the gifts you’re looking for, but more than that, I hope you find that giving is a gift in itself, and that our loved ones are the most precious and beautiful gift to us! Happy Giving, Lancaster!

Christine Halliday
About me

Although she’s spent most of her life in Lancaster, Christine remains slightly reluctant to fully give up the title of “Native New Yorker”. A few years ago, she decided to more fully embrace her double life and see if she could begin to fall in love with this place she’s called home. In this pursuit, she found that the falling in love was easier than she imagined while savoring an exquisite dish, shopping a quirky and fashion-forward boutique, dancing to the beat of a local drummer, and hearing from people who are living out their passions and artistry among the red brick and open fields! Christine is an avid lover of the arts, the written word, fashion, travel, food, family and the uniquely beautiful stories and people behind it all! She is a wife, mother, educator, writer, friend, foodie and fashionista with a knack for seeing something glittery and beautiful around every turn and in every moment.

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