The Common Wheel, A Community Bike Shop

If you’re looking for a bike for yourself, or maybe as a holiday gift for someone else, and want to do some good for the community at the same time, be sure to swing by The Common Wheel in Lancaster City’s Reservoir Park. As a community bike shop, The Common Wheel goes beyond traditional bike shop offerings of bikes and accessories for sale, and maintenance services for people not interested in working on their own bikes, into the realm of hands-on bicycling activism, which was why founder Chris Caldwell got started in the first place.

The Common Wheel offers activities that get people comfortable with bikes. Their flagship Earn-A-Bike program puts kids on bikes and teaches them how to fix and maintain them during six-week summer or after-school sessions. Adult-focused workshops give people interested in learning how to maintain and fix their own bikes assistance in doing that. Group rides allow cyclists to explore the city and get on-road experience in a way that may feel safer to less-experienced riders. They also partner with local social-service agencies to get bikes to people who need them as a reliable form of transportation. The bikes that are passed on to these agencies come from donations by community members, so if you have outgrown or unused bikes taking up space in your garage, think of The Common Wheel when you are clearing out.

Faith Kelleher Gaddie
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Faith Kelleher Gaddie is a freelance writer living and working in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition to writing, she enjoys tentatively riding her bicycle around town, exploring her neighborhood on evening walks, and taking advantage of the wide variety of activities in town designed to get her out of the house, usually with at least a phone camera on hand. When she stays put, she also reads, knits, and makes the occasional collage. Occasionally, she leaves town to see what the rest of the state, country, and world have to offer.

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