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Christine Halliday

Christine Halliday
About Christine

Although she’s spent most of her life in Lancaster, Christine remains slightly reluctant to fully give up the title of “Native New Yorker”. A few years ago, she decided to more fully embrace her double life and see if she could begin to fall in love with this place she’s called home. In this pursuit, she found that the falling in love was easier than she imagined while savoring an exquisite dish, shopping a quirky and fashion-forward boutique, dancing to the beat of a local drummer, and hearing from people who are living out their passions and artistry among the red brick and open fields! Christine is an avid lover of the arts, the written word, fashion, travel, food, family and the uniquely beautiful stories and people behind it all! She is a wife, mother, educator, writer, friend, foodie and fashionista with a knack for seeing something glittery and beautiful around every turn and in every moment.



Gift giving is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Isn’t there just something so incredibly gratifying and satisfying about finding the perfect gifts for the people you love? Everyone I talk to has their own favorite style of gift giving or demographic of gift recipients. I have ...

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